Mechatronics for Farming

Our innovative and award winning products make farming Ezy® and include effluent cleaning systems, drafting solutions and teat sprayers.

We design and manufacture a range of products to make pastoral farming Ezy®. These products focus on function without unnecessary and confusing features. Products that do the job and make your life Ezy®.

Our innovative products are distributed by in New Zealand and Australia by Technipharm.

Our award winning products include the Dungbuster - a revolution in yard cleaning saving around 1/2 an hour a milking.

The SeeLect-A-Cow drafter - National Fieldays Supreme Equipment Award winner (2008). The SeeLect-A-Cow makes running the dairy and drafting cows Ezy every milking. The deceptively simple patented design enhances cow flow without flapper gates and other devices that slow or separate the cows. Designed to catch running cows quickly and calm cows calmly, the SeeLect-A-Cow understands how to draft cows from both herringbone and rotary sheds.

Other products include our speed sensitive Teat Sprayers that measure the speed of the cow to ensure we spray the teats, and for sheep and beef farmers we have Sheep and Cattle drafters, designed for professional farmers who need to get the job done.